ECOS Centre, Northern Ireland.
AV installation and interactive exhibits


On arrival at ECOS visitors enter a huge cylindrical space with an angled roof, though which a controlled amount of sun light projects rainbows around the space on to a time grid, forming the Peter Erskin sundial. The video installation is designed for this space and is projected using three projectors spanning 12 meters x 3 meters.

The intention of the piece was to excite and stimulate the audience by presenting the issues in an unexpected and motivating form, taking the audience by surprise rather than giving them the expected ‘natural history’ intro. The resulting five minute piece acts as a spectacular ‘title sequence’ to the environmental centre, mixing the expected natural imagery with creative use of text and graphics in an unexpected format.

A radio tuner soundtrack, allowing contradictory statements and samples to be used to introduce ideas rather than tell a linear story. The result is a captivating mix of positive and negative ideas, that are spun together through a radio show format with a strong soundtrack created by Scanner.
We also created four interactive programs for the ECOS centre, exploring environmental issues.


ECOS Centre:Interactive exhibits

We created several computer interactive exhibits for the ECOS centre, below are a couple of examples:


ECOS Centre: BMS renewable energy interactive

ECOS generates its own power from a wind turbine, photovoltaics and willow biomass. This touch screen interactive reads live data to display current power consumption and production, and the visitor can find out how this ratio changes with the seasons. A 3D fly though shows details of the power sources.

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ECOS Centre: Willow Coppice SIM Game

This game teaches the process of coppicing willow to generate power…Not neccesarily the easiest subject to have fun with, but isometric 3D animations and a strange sound track, (break beat meets black beauty) make the subject a unexpected joy to behold.
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