LEGO studios
LEGO’s highly acclaimed software release combines LEGO minifigs, bricks and film sets with a pc movie camera and editing software, to provide a film production tool for children. Using the child friendly software with professional functionality, you can edit your footage and add music and sound effects. Then you can play back your movie and even email it to your family and friends.

LEGO Galidor
LEGO have launched a new action figure set 'Galidor' which includes an 32 x 30 pixel LCD screen set into the figure Gorm's back. The games are triggered and played by interacting physically with the toy, gaining life force, health, new skills and levels. The figures can also picks up new abilities and increases its power by picking up signals from the Galidor TV program, the Galidor Gamboy Advance and theGalidor web site.

LEGO SoundFx
This application allows children to experiment with sound effects and filters, creating their own effects and then adding them to LEGO footage in a custom editing section. We took the application from concept and specification through design and programming, developing in 7 languages and compatibility testing on international operating systems.

LEGO friends
We've produced several products for LEGO contact us for more details