Museum in Docklands, Sugar & Slavery Gallery - Son et Lumiere and interactive installations

The brief for the Son et Lumiere was to convey the conditions of Slavery. The museum did not want to try and recreate images of enslavement in the show because of the sensitive nature of the subject. We worked with the curator and the exhibition designers to produce a script based on the rights of a slave. We recorded voice-overs and worked with the sound artist Scanner to create the soundtrack.

We developed a simple, strong treamentt combining text, abstract imagery, gobos and lighting effects, with some key images. We included photos of contemporary people and children in amongst the original images, to help visitors relate their lives to the issues raised.

The result was a powerful and poignant piece that triggers an emotive response. The show takes over the gallery space projecting directly onto the exhibition panels, the artefacts, and at times down onto the audience, producing a dramatic and immersive experience.

We also created a number of interactives for this gallery and have optimised some of them so that they work on the museum’s web site. One exhibit, an interactive map of London, allows visitors to locate and zoom into relevant sites around London, and see related text and images. Museum staff can easily update the information displayed on this map.
Slavery Son et Lumiere

Museum of London Dockland Son et lumiere