sacred left screen sacred centre screen sacred right screen

sacred left screen

SACRED title sequence and introduction
British Library, London - temporary exhibition

ON101 were commissioned to produce two video installations for the new ‘Sacred’ exhibition at British Library.

Sacred presents the world's greatest collection of Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy books.

sacred centre screen

The multi-screen installation in the orientation area, acts as a transitional introduction piece to the exhibition, providing a space between the busy, urban environment of Euston Road and the peaceful, contemplative exhibition.

Introducing the theme 'Religion in our World' this piece shows animated silouettes of people going about everday activities; playing, talking, walking and dancing, whilst a changing ‘label’ provides an peep into their character and beliefs;

sacred right screen

The soundtrack (composed by SCANNER) adds a religious dimension to the scenes, combining everyday urban sounds with sacred sounds; singing, chanting and readings to create a moody and evocative piece.

Sacred cube 01

British Library, London - temporary exhibition

At the centre of the exhibition the visitor enters a large translucent silver fabric cube which houses the three most sacred books.

Sacred cube 02

Projected through all sides of the cube are large scale projections which the visitor can view from within or outside of the space.

The piece layers animated details of the texts, blown up to a large scale, combined with line drawings of sacred places, creating a peaceful reverential ambience, reminiscent of a holy building.

Sacred cube 03