About ON101

Films, digital exhibits, digital stories.

How we started
What we do


As pioneers of digital storytelling we formed ON101 in 1996 to create digital content for public spaces.

It was like the wild west back then.

Today we craft bespoke audio visual installations from our studio in East London.
Creativity powers ours processes and steers our work. We get excited about every project. What can we draw inspiration from? What stories are there to be told? What assets are there?

From the outset, we consider the visitor and the physicality of the experience. What will they be feeling? How focused are they? What else is in the space? We understand technology and hardware, and how people engage with it.

We are film makers, animators, programmers, script writers, artists, sound artists and technologists. We have worked extensively with the Natural History Museum, The Royal Museums Greenwich and The British Library. We also produce one off exhibits for smaller museums and corporate clients.