Bethlem Museum of the Mind

We produced digital interactives, audio and films for this museum about mental health at Bethlem Hospital. One exhibit involved chroma key filmed people reciting comments from visitors to the hospital past and present. These were projected life-sized onto a wall at the entrance of the gallery.

Another film featured a dream-like sequence of a street scene, seen through the frame of a window that patients at the old hospital looked out of to pass the time.

To gather opinions and, we filmed several re-enacted scenes using volunteer ex-patients and doctors facing difficult issues. After having watched the films, visitors are asked to vote on what course of action they would take, their opionions are logged as well as showing how  others have voted. This has been particularly useful at the museum as a tool to encourage debate amongst school groups.

Several simple exhibit/films were created from archive material as well as interactives about positive and negative mental health terms and issues.

Bethlem Museum of the Mind was nominated to be Museum of the Year by Grayson Perry.


  • Filming
  • Interactive
  • Animation
  • Programming
  • Installation
  • Projection


  • Bethlem Museum of the Mind