God’s House Tower

AV shows, 360º tour, VR telescope, soundscapes

To tell the story of the medieval tower we worked closely with the client, A Space Arts, to create AV installations that work with the other exhibits, and the structure of the building itself.

The tour begins with an AV show recalling the French invasion of Southampton in 1338. We created immersive projections on the ground floor which incorporate a physical model of the medieval town. To generate content, we shot reportage style footage, using existing medieval buildings, implying the marauders charging through the city and attacking the people in the church, combining this with atmospheric flames, blood and smoke, 3D and time-lapse footage. We enhanced the atmosphere with a powerful soundtrack and worked with a local poet to voice the story.

We continued to work with local artists throughout the project. On the second floor we created playful animations, highlighting the use of the tower as a gun battery.

From the roof of the tower visitors could look through a ‘time telescope’ to see how the view would have looked in 1454.

As the tower is not fully accessible we filmed and created a 360º VR tour that allows less able visitors to experience God’s House Tower.


  • 360º VR
  • Filming
  • Animation
  • Interactive design
  • soundscape
  • Installation