WWI & WWII war memorial

We were commissioned by a major high street bank to design and build a commemorative memorial to their staff who had served and died in WWI and WWII.

We worked with the bank’s archives department to create an evocative piece that tells the stories of the staff and the bank during war times.

The fumed Oak structure, which we designed and built, references battlefield and bomb damage imagery. The roles the staff undertook in the bank; Branch Manager, Cashier, Accountant etc. are engraved into the wood, alongside the ranks staff became in the forces, underlining the emotive fact that they were everyday work colleagues; ordinary people who served their country.

The brief was to create an interactive memorial, so that visitors could find out more about the staff and search through content. We worked with their in-house software supplier to build a visitor friendly touch screen database that can be updated and added to by the bank staff.

Archive content was used to create a poetic, but simple looping film about the Bank during the war, using our own slo-mo footage of poppies combined with a simple sharp transition, echoing the war structure of the physical memorial.


  • Physical design
  • Filming
  • Animation
  • Interactive design
  • Installation