Museum of London, Sugar & Slavery

The immersive AV show conveys the conditions of Slavery.

The show takes over the gallery space projecting directly onto the exhibition panels, the artefacts, and at times down onto the audience, using video, gobos and lighting.

We worked with the curator to develop the script and collaborated with the sound artist Scanner to create the soundtrack.

We developed a simple, strong treatment combining text, abstract imagery, historic and contemporary images, gobos and lighting effects. We included photos of contemporary people and children in amongst the original images,
to help visitors relate their lives to the issues raised. The result was a powerful and poignant piece that triggers an emotive response.


Oral History interactive,
 listen to and watch oral histories.

Caribbean Timeline and histories.

Interactive Map, a searchable map showing sites of interest, with content drawn from a database, which can be updated by the museum.

Business of Slavery interactive, exploring how business was linked to slavery.


  • Animation
  • Son et Lumiere
  • Sound
  • Show
  • Interactives
  • Installation


  • Museum of London