National Trust, Osterley House and Gardens

We were commissioned by the National Trust to create a film to be projected in the stables at the property at Osterley House, giving a taster of the house and history. The curators wanted something different from a traditional narrative piece, so we worked with them to create a script based on visitor comments collected from the 1800s to the present day. We wove these comments together with our footage of the house and gardens, dressing volunteers as characters from the past, who appear and disappear, as echoes of the past. We filmed modern visitors voicing some of the comments to bring a contemporary angle and draw in new visitors.


For the soundtrack, we recorded a live musical performance at the house and other captiured other ambient sounds during the shoot, comissioning the sound artist Scanner to create us a unique soundtrack.

Other projections

We also produced a projected installations within the house. We filmed volunteers dressed as servants, going about small tasks against a black background. These are then projected on to two of the walls in the Servants Hall, giving the impression of the servants that served there.



We built bespoke units for the installation and installed all projectors and players.


  • Filming
  • Installation
  • Soundtrack
  • Projections


  • National Trust
  • Osterley House and Gardens